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Image by Kelsey Curtis


About Me!

Hey there! I was born in Toluca, Mexico, but was raised in H-Town (Houston, Texas). I am beyond passionate about anything skin/ self care related and I absolutely have a passion for helping others feel beautiful in their skin. Which is why I decided 3 years ago to start pursuing this career path and I have never looked back since. I hope to inspire, encourage and bring peace to those who walk through my doors and bring that inner glow out.

My Testimony 

From the early age of 14, I started to develop acne, going right into high school. I was never informed on how to properly take care of my body and skin and the pictures here are just some of the few skin conditions I was going through that made me go through a huge dip in my self esteem. Before I became an esthetician, I was always fascinated by the world of skin care, beauty, health and nutrition. I started by taking care of my body internally and although it did help, I was still grinding up coffee beans to use as an exfoliator- Yikes! So at that age, my mom had started taking me to go see an esthetician and I truly fell in love with the whole facial, I had never felt something more relaxing and yet still addressing my skin concerns! So one year into community college and right before the pandemic hit, I decided to pursue my dreams of becoming an expert in what I knew I was going to love. I loved helping people and I knew at some point I wanted to start my own business, so what better way than to start with learning. I quit going to college and took that leap of faith to what now came to life. 

Seeing my progress and how far I have come not only getting healthy skin, but also achieving being more comfortable than ever in my own skin, encourages me to help others achieve the same. Feeling beautiful inside out always <3

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